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Several frontend and backend tutorials which (in my opinion) are the basics for the corresponding topic. Look in the main menu for all the available topics.


Planned topics

  • SASS/SCSS – CSS-Preprocessor
  • JS Frontend-Frameworks (VueJS, React)
  • Webpack
  • Docker

Newest posts

  • What is an IP-Address?
    The basis for the communication in a network is a way to uniquely identify different devices. For exactly that purpose the "Internet Protocol" (short IP) has been developed. An IP-Address is a unique number, which identifies a device inside the currently used network. This number can be something like: IPv4: fe80::884:34ae:8eaf:a586 The detailed difference … Read more
  • IPv4
    IPv4 has been defined 1981 in the RFC 791. It is the first version, which has been used worldwide to connect far away computers and was a main factor of the development of the "internet". The IPv4 address consists of 32 bits which allows a maximum of 4.294.967.296 (232) unique addresses. Network- and Host devision An … Read more
  • IPv6
    IPv6 has been defined in the RFC 2460 in 1998 and replaced with the RFC 8200 in 2017. It is the successor to IPv4 which shows many problems as time went on using it in larger amounts. Notation Since IPv6 consist of 128 bit a decimal notation similar to IPv4 wouldn't be very efficient. Thats why the … Read more