Hello! What can you find here?

Several frontend and backend tutorials which (in my opinion) are the basics for the corresponding topic. Look in the main menu for all the available topics.


Planned topics

  • SASS/SCSS – CSS-Preprocessor
  • JS Frontend-Frameworks (VueJS, React)
  • Webpack
  • Docker

Newest posts

  • systemd – Manage services in linux
    What is systemd? The "System Daemon" (short systemd) is a program, which has many tasks but the main tasks are initialising and manging services like theSSH-Daemon (sshd) or a webserver like NGINX. Why do I need the systemd? Just like on your desktop not all programs are running at the same time its the same … Read more
  • File transfer methods
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) The FTP protocol has been developed 1985 to transfer files over the IP protocol. The default FTP port is 21. Main problem with FTP nowadays is the the fact, that the authentication is NOT ENCRYPTED and can therefore easily be captured if your computer is in the same network as someone … Read more
  • rsync
    Was ist rsync? "rsync" is a program which enables you to synchronize 2 folders. Basically it's a better version of "cp". rsync is built on the SSH protocol to fo example handle authorization and authentication. Can't I just use FTP or SFTP? FTP => NO, SFTP => OK but not as good as rsync A … Read more
  • FAQs
    Whats the difference between a client and an interface? A client is basically one "physical" computer, which is present inside a network. But one client can have multiple network interfaces to, for example, communicate with multiple different networks. Can an interface have multiple IP addresses? Yes! In IPv6 it is "default" to have a "Link … Read more