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Several frontend and backend tutorials which (in my opinion) are the basics for the corresponding topic. Look in the main menu for all the available topics.


Planned topics

  • SASS/SCSS – CSS-Preprocessor
  • JS Frontend-Frameworks (VueJS, React)
  • Webpack
  • Docker

Newest posts

  • FAQs
    Whats the difference between a client and an interface? A client is basically one "physical" computer, which is present inside a network. But one client can have multiple network interfaces to, for example, communicate with multiple different networks. Can an interface have multiple IP addresses? Yes! In IPv6 it is "default" to have a "Link … Read more
  • Ports – the doors of network devices
    What are ports? As mentioned in the previous posts we know, what IP addresses are and how an IP network is basically built. Lets stay with the example from "What is an IP address?" where an IP address is similar to a house address. Therefore we can make the analogy, that a port ist a … Read more
  • Other types of IPv6 addresses
    Temporary IPv6 address Lets image we only have 1 IPv6 address for our client which for example has been automatically generated by SLAAC (which contains the MAC-Address of the network card). If this IPv6 address is being used to connect to the internet it would be very easy for tracking tools to identify you as … Read more
  • Text editor inside a terminal (VIM)
    Sometimes you do not have the possibility to edit or add files via a GUI. To create or edit text files you need to use one of the many available terminal text editors. Some popular are: Vi and VimEMACSNano In the following examples I will explain how the "Vim" editor works, since I am used … Read more