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Several frontend and backend tutorials which (in my opinion) are the basics for the corresponding topic. Look in the main menu for all the available topics.

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Gulp-Example for SCSS, JS and BrowserSync

The following setup is based on “tristanisfeld” which I found on Github. See https://gist.github.com/tristanisfeld/9deea503260324f5e9b0 The complete setup: DOWNLOAD In the following setup you will have the ability to: Generate one minifed CSS from SCSS files (incl. Autoprefixer)Concatinate and minify multiple JS Modules into one JS fileuse “Browsersync” so you don’t need to reload the tab everytime Also there will be a boolean variable called…

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Gulp – Automating Tasks

What is Gulp? Gulp is a Node.js based tool to allow recurring tasks to be automated. Here some typical examples z.B. (Re-)Generate CSS when you change SASS files(Re-)Generate JS when you change JS filesUse sourcemaps and not minified JS/CSS in a local environment but remove sourcemaps and use minified versions on live environment Gulp 3 vs Gulp 4 Currenty (Mai 2021) ithe current verson…

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What is Docker?

Docker is one of the most popular implementations of “containerized software” which creates a cross-platform and highly scalable environment for developing and running software. Wait, what? What is “containerized software”? Lets start with a short example. Lets say your main development machine is a machine running on Ubuntu and you want to develop a basic webpage. Sure you can install a web server natively…

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