Shell = Terminal = “Command Line Interface” (short CLI) = Console

The terminal is a text based entry point where a user is given the possibility to enter commands which should be executed on the operating system..

Examples for such commands

  • Print working directory
    • Outputs the current absolute path, in which the terminal is currently working in.
    • Usage: pwd
  • List directory content
    • Shows the content (folders, files etc.) of the current working directory.
    • Usage: ls
  • Change directory
    • Change the current path of the working directory.
    • Usage: cd
  • Concatenate and print files
    • Show the content of a given file.
    • Usage: cat <filename>
  • Move
    • Move or rename files or folders.
    • Usage: mv <filename> <new_path>
  • Manuel page
    • Show the help page for a given command.
    • Usage: man <command>
  • Make directory
    • Create a new folder.
    • Usage: mkdir <foldername>
  • Remove
    • Remove given files and/or folders.
    • Usage: rm <filename>
  • Clear
    • Cleans up the terminal output of the current active terminal.
    • Usage: clear

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